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Regardless of where you go, travel advisories must be checked for before you get to your destination. It can be very frustrating to learn something after you have been harmed. The following precaution are a must for the traveler in McLeodgunj.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your passport, money or traveler cheques safe. Once lost, you can forget about getting them back. There are many con-men around tourist spots, and McLeodgunj is no exception, where your travelers cheques can be cashed by anyone. Your signature is not needed, because some good 'artist' will always do the job for a few bucks.

Beware of unauthorized GUIDES. Please choose your guide properly. Your best option is to ask your Hotel manager.

Do not walk alone after dark. Someone is surely waiting for you. You may be approached by a person trying to sell something, or trying to help you find a place. Do not start a conversation with strangers unless you know who the person is.

You could be approached by a person who would lure you to some cheap Hotel boasting low rents and affordable services. A Hotel with a reputation does not require such 'Guides'. People have had their belongings stolen from such hotels in the past. Don't become the next target. Always try to get more information on the Hotel that you are going to. It is common these days to have your belongings stolen from hotels by the hotel staff. Always make sure you can leave your valuables with the reception in a 'SAFE' that is being taken care of.

Before going to some place, make sure that you have taken proper directions from at least THREE people. Do not trust a single person on giving you directions. The first reason is that the person may not himself know the right place, and may have sent you off on a wild goose chase, so it is always better to ask more than one person. The second reason is more serious. There are people who will be happy to send you off to a remote area where other 'friends' could be waiting to empty your pockets.

Beware of Girls (well, not all of them)!!! McLeodgunj has a fair amount of con-girls! The more innocent and appealing they look, the more dangerous they are. They are the best con-artists. They can be found working in, or running their own massage parlors. You can find them in the local markets too.

Last, but not least. When buying expensive stuff from the markets, you should always verify the prices in Dharamsala. Normally the same items in Dharamsala would cost you 1/8 th of the price that you would pay in McLeodgunj.

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